More than 3,640 tourist police were deployed to guard variou

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"Tourist police" are on duty at various scenic spots in the capital
In the first four days of National Day, police dispatched more than 3,640 person-times to check more than 560 shops of shopping travel agency
During National Day, a large number of tourists visit Beijing every day. Beijing youth daily reporter learned that in the first four days of National Day, more than 3,640 person-times of police were dispatched by the circular food medicine travel system of Beijing public security bureau, and more than 250 times of joint inspection were carried out with cultural tourism, market supervision, traffic, urban management and other departments, including more than 560 hotels, travel agencies, shopping stores, more than 190 tour guides, and 9 people were detained for the above treatment. Up to now, relevant departments have not received any complaint about illegal "one-day tour", effectively maintaining the order of the tourism market.
"Two-way communication" with the scenic area
Beijing deshengmen bus hub station is mainly responsible for changping, yanqing and other northern areas of Beijing traffic. The 877 and 919 buses from here are also the main means of public transportation leading to the badaling scenic spot and the expo scenic spot. During 11 long holidays, individual passenger basically sets out from this.
"Our civilian police started working every morning from 7 o 'clock until about 12 o 'clock when they started their normal morning shift. The passenger flow to the Great Wall in the afternoon is relatively small and can be flexibly arranged according to the situation." In order to ensure more efficient transportation, the station will also have three trains running at the same time during peak hours. Sun wei said.
Beiqing newspaper reporter saw at the scene, take 877 road tourists, the station installed guide guardrail, signs, and so on, at the same time, the police waved for tourists to point out the direction of the ride, prompt shouts rang out.
"The maximum daily passenger flow is 65,000. Many tourists are not clear about the policy, so the police have to warn tourists as well as maintain order." Sun Wai, said outside the policemen okm and badaling Great Wall scenic area set up a "remote channel" two-way linkage mechanism, police also focused on "the Great Wall at badaling" WeChat public, for the first time that the Great Wall at badaling after booking is full, would remind tourists choose other scenic spots in the city, or recommend tourists booking the tickets in advance.
According to previous 11 holiday passenger flow experience, the next few days passenger flow will be larger. At the same time, as the weather turns cool in autumn, sun wei advised tourists to add clothes at the right time and repeatedly reminded them to "book tickets to the Great Wall in advance and take the bus on time".
The badaling
Patrol on hero's slope and you won't breathe
From June 1, Beijing badaling Great Wall began to restrict the daily flow of 65,000 person-times, during the National Day holiday, almost every day of passenger flow are full, on October 3 at about 10 am, has reached the limit line. In order to meet the tourists "less than the Great Wall is not a true man" wishes, the badaling police station all officers on duty, to ensure the safety of tourists travel.
At the "hero slope" of the Great Wall, the reporter of beiqing newspaper saw that the steepest slope could reach 70 or 80 degrees, and many tourists had to hold the railing tightly when climbing, which seemed very difficult. Every day in the patrol of the police but as fast as flying, sometimes in the steps higher ground to stop, to help help the elderly and children through.
"I was not used to it when I first came here. Now I patrol the city every day and climb the hills without breathing." Badaling police station nie xiaoyan told reporters that during the holiday patrol a probably need an hour. "In addition to help the tourists, will also answer the questions of tourists, tourists asked the most is the hero slope where? Nie smiled.
Badaling police station chief kang hongsheng told reporters, sent all the "female police" and "old pioneers", the youngest 24 years old, the largest 59 years old, are every day adhere to a line. Every day, the police will cross patrol with 2 people in a group. They will arrive at the post at 7 am and patrol for 7 or 8 hours a day. Their main job is to maintain the order of the scenic area, accept the public alarm and provide convenient services for the public. Through the treatment, the disturbance in the scenic area, yi huo yanke, black car and other phenomena have been controlled, the satisfaction of tourists increased year by year.
The park
The China pavilion is the most popular
China Beijing world horticultural expo 2019 will officially close on October 7. During the National Day holiday, a large number of tourists will seize the time to experience the horticultural charm of harmonious coexistence between people and nature around the world, and the visitor flow of the expo will usher in a peak.
In this regard, yanqing police increased the traffic police force to strengthen the road around the expo traffic dredge strength. At the same time, guide the non-motor vehicles to park orderly with volunteers and civilized guides. In addition, relying on all kinds of social forces as well as the police and auxiliary police, we provide guidance services for the public.
In the park, the police will continue to strengthen the public security environment order renovation efforts, strengthen the safety supervision of all kinds of industrial sites. At the same time around the expo park and the surrounding deployment of police, against pickpocketing, theft of property, ticket scalping and other illegal crimes to crack down on.
It is understood that the expo pavilions, the most popular is the international pavilion and the Chinese pavilion. A long line formed in front of the China pavilion. In this regard, the police actively organized volunteers and staff to inform tourists of the queuing time in a timely manner by means of broadcasting, warning signs and other forms, so as to facilitate tourists to choose a reasonable tour route. At the same time for the elderly and children inadvertently separated and other circumstances, timely in the park through broadcasting and other forms to help find.
West chang an avenue
Police are everywhere during peak hours
West chang 'an avenue, the only way to tiananmen square, is more crowded.
Some of the tourists come to see the flag-raising and some to visit tian 'anmen square, so the west chang 'an avenue will see peak passenger flow for five hours every day from the early morning. Beijing youth daily reporter saw at the scene, the west chang 'an street can be seen everywhere police officers in the corresponding section of the command, but also use electronic speakers, constantly remind tourists to pay attention to traffic safety.
In addition, the Summer Palace as the royal garden clock "holy land", haidian police also strengthened the police deployment and patrol outside the garden. Beiqing newspaper reporters at the scene to see, the east gate square crowd gathered, most of the group travel. Patrol of the police shuttle in the stream of people, the corresponding guidance, and from time to time tour guide related documents, procedures for spot check. In the process of duty, the police will clean up the abandoned garbage in time to ensure a beautiful travel environment.
Nie xin, police officer of Beijing public security bureau, reminded the vast number of tourists to travel during holidays. If tourists want to sign up for a one-day tour, they can log on the official website of Beijing culture and tourism bureau, check the official list of Beijing one-day tour, or log on the Beijing tourism network, and consult relevant information. During the visit, you should keep the contract signed with the travel agency and keep shopping vouchers. In case of late rights, can call Beijing tourism rights tel 12301. In case of personal injury, call 110 in time to report to the police.