Hunan baojing calabash town fire has destroyed 54 houses no

     2019-10-06    views
On October 5, around 7:50 PM, a fire broke out in guanzhuang group of calabash village, calabash town, baojing county, hunan province, which was initially believed to be caused by the aging of electrical circuits. After the fire broke out, the principal of the local party committee and government rushed to the scene to organize cadres and masses to fight the fire, and the fire brigade of neighboring counties rushed to the scene to fight the fire as soon as possible.
The fire site is located in the hillside, the water source is far away, the fighting effect is not obvious, the first task is to do all possible to protect the lives of the masses, now the main fire has been put out, the embers are being put out, so far, the fire has burned 54 houses, 62 households 285 people affected, no casualties. For the affected people, the local people according to the actual situation will be transferred to relatives, village or town government resettlement; The government of calabash town, baojing county, hunan province, and civil affairs departments have arranged food, clothes and tents to ensure that the affected people have food, clothing and shelter.
The specific cause of the fire is under investigation, post-disaster reconstruction work is being studied, the local will release in due course.