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On September 29th, the award ceremony of Shanghai 2019 “White Magnolia Honor Award” was held in Shanghai Municipal Government. Twelve foreigners received the "Magnolia Honor Award", and Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong presented medals and certificates to the winners and representatives. Xu Kunlin, deputy mayor, delivered a speech at the award ceremony. Professor Joanna Waley-Cohen, Dean of New York University in Shanghai, won the “Magnolia Honor Award” in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Shanghai's economic development, urban construction and foreign exchange. In addition, 58 foreigners received the 2019 “Magnolia Memorial Award”, Professor Keith W. Ross, Director of Engineering and Computer Science, New York University, Shanghai, and a professor at Shanghai New York University, East China Normal University-Shanghai New York University. Professor Charles M. Newman, the director of the center, won the Shanghai Magnolia Memorial Award for his outstanding contribution to academic construction and academic exchanges in Shanghai.
Shanghai 2019 “White Magnolia Honor Award” award ceremony was held in Shanghai Municipal Government
The 12 foreigners who won the "Magnolia Honor Award" this year are from 8 countries including Italy, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Denmark, the United States, and Singapore. They are managers of the trade, finance, shipping, and service industries. There are also experts and scholars in the fields of science and technology and culture. Four of them are experts and scholars from Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Shanghai New York University and Fudan University.
Since 1989, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government has established the “White Magnolia Commemorative Award” and the “White Magnolia Honor Award” in the name of the city flower white magnolia, which is designed to recognize and thank outstanding foreigners for Shanghai's economic construction, social development and The positive contribution made to foreign exchanges, and then the title of "Shanghai Honorary Citizen" was included in the external commendation work. In 2019, it coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Shanghai Magnolia Awards. Up to now, more than 1,500 foreigners have won the Magnolia Awards.