The last trading day of the week: the Shanghai and Shenzhen

     2019-09-27    views
SHANGHAI, Sept. 27 (Reporter Pan Qing) On the last trading day of this week, the A-share bidding was continuously adjusted, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes rebounded moderately. The transactions in the two cities shrank sharply to below 400 billion yuan, indicating that the market wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively strong.
On the same day, the Shanghai Composite Index opened slightly higher at 2929.49 points, and the whole day closed around the previous trading day with a narrow range of fluctuations. After touching the 29390.08 points in the afternoon, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2932.17 points, up 3.08 points from the previous trading day, or 0.11%.
The three major stock indexes in Shenzhen are relatively strong. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index closed at 9458.96 points, up 84.12 points, or 0.89%. The GEM index closed at 1,647.53 points, and the small and medium-sized board index closed at 6078.23 points, both of which were 1.46%.
More than 2,600 trading products in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed up, far more than the number of declines. Not counting ST stocks, 50 stocks in the two cities have daily limit. The GEM ushered in new shares N壹. The first day rose by nearly 44%.
Most of the board's stocks rose, and Platinum's performance was strong, rising more than 17%. Tiannai Technology and Lexin Technology fell against the trend, with the former falling more than 1%.
Most industry sectors closed with the stock index. The pastoral and fishery sectors performed strongly, with an increase of more than 3%. Components, IT equipment, wine and other sectors rose more than 2%. In the fall, the yellow wine and shipping sector fell more than 1%.
Shanghai and Shenzhen B refers to a synchronous rebound. The Shanghai B Index rose 0.43% to 270.41 points, and the Shenzhen B Index rose 0.48% to 941.50 points.
The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges were 153.3 billion yuan and 244.4 billion yuan respectively, and the total amount fell below 400 billion yuan, which was significantly shrinking compared with the previous trading day, indicating that the market wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively strong.