More than 350 cultural relics telling about "Overseas Chines

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The exhibition opened yesterday at the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall until October 31
This newspaper (reporter Zhao Tingting) precious anti-war physical objects, various historical newspapers and wartime news photos... The "Overseas Chinese and the Motherland" theme exhibition was opened yesterday at the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall. More than 350 historical materials were presented to the audience. The vast number of overseas Chinese have enjoyed their patriotic feelings with the motherland during the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that this exhibition will last until October 31 and will be free to the public.
According to the introduction of the Anti-Japanese War Museum, more than 350 pieces of cultural relics exhibited in this exhibition are selected from the recent collections of nearly 1,000 pieces of cultural relics donated by the reader team of Zhao Sihong and “Jinshan Road” and the colleagues of San Francisco Hanfen Building. At the opening ceremony, Zhao Sihong and the "Jinshan Road" reader team and San Francisco Hanfen Building outside the building also donated 17 pieces of precious cultural relics to the Anti-Japanese War Museum, including the posters of the US Anti-Japanese War Foundation fundraising campaign during the Second World War. On June 26, 1938, the San Francisco Chronicle and other contents of San Francisco citizens participated in the "One Bowl of Rice" fundraising event.
The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that the exhibition was divided into five parts: "Japan's crime of aggression against China", "wartime news photos", "China and the world's anti-fascist war", "Overseas Chinese and the Anti-Japanese War" and "Visit the New China", exposing Japan's invasion of China. The crime reveals the close relationship between China's war of resistance and the world's anti-fascist war. It focuses on the patriotic deeds of the vast number of overseas Chinese who ruined their homes during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and actively supported the motherland's war of resistance.
In addition, the exhibition "People's Premier Zhou Enlai" jointly organized by Beijing Lu Xun Museum (Beijing New Culture Movement Memorial Hall) and Jiangsu Huaian Zhou Enlai Memorial Site Administration and Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall was opened yesterday at the Peking University Red Building, with 500 historical photos and 100 pieces from different periods. The physical exhibits full of stories vividly and truly reproduce the great and glorious life of Zhou Enlai. The exhibition will last until November 24.
"The monument is immortal - the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Red Stone Carving Exhibition in Beijing" was opened yesterday at the Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum. The 13 stone carvings and historical pictures in the exhibition hall show the audience the Beijing area during the New Democratic Revolution. The remains of the red culture are carved. The exhibition will last until December 31st. Visitors can enjoy free admission to the stone carving hall tickets.