After that, Jiang Taigong debuted.

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(Reporter Xiao Yang) On September 25th, the Chinese mythology epic masterpiece "Ginger Teeth" announced the establishment of the 2020 New Year's Day (January 25th), and issued a final poster. As another masterpiece of "Chinese Mythology Series" after the "Where the Devil's Angels Come into the World", the film "Ginger Teeth" has been in preparation for 2015 for four years.
As a masterpiece in 2020, the film "Ginger Teeth" was jointly directed by Cheng Teng and Li Wei. Wang Hao and Li Xia served as co-directors, and gathered a number of well-known domestic animation directors to escort the quality of the film. Director Cheng Teng worked at the top animation company, DreamWorks, USA, and won the 41st US Student Oscar Silver Award for his short film animation "There is a Heaven". It was the first Chinese to receive this honor. Director Li Wei has extensive experience in animated film projects and has participated in the production of nearly 10 excellent domestic animated films such as "Lotus Lotus" (the main original painting) and "Big Fish Haitang" (executive director).
Film co-director Li Xia is one of the directors of the animated short film "Red Scarf Man" who scored 7.5 on the Internet in 2010. As the co-director and artistic director of the film, Wang Hao led the Blizzard team (the world's top game studio) to develop and produce all the IP movies CG and characters of Blizzard. He has more than 16 years of experience in CG production, and his participation in the production of "World of Warcraft" "watching pioneer" "The Hearthstone", etc., has a million users in the country and is widely known. The high-level production lineup including the former DreamWorks and Blizzard directors laid a solid foundation for the quality of Jiangziya.
As the first animated film in China to put Jiang Ziya on the big screen, the film "Ginger Teeth" has boldly adapted the image of Jiang Ziya in Chinese traditional mythology: "The longest gods" Jiang Ziya "de-deification". Unlike the Jiangzi tooth in the story of Fengshen, the ginger tooth in the film was smashed down, and a difficult choice was made between "initial heart" and "destiny".
In addition, in the final posters released this time, the protagonist wearing a feather coat and a fishhook has a sharp opposite to the audience, and the huge Yuanshi Tianzun in the picture. What is the existence of Yuanshi Tianzun in the film? What is the relationship with Jiang Ziya? In the third episode of the movie "Where the Devil's Angels Come into the World", the dialogue scene of "Ginger teeth, you can know sin" is another suggestion of what happened to Jiang Ziya, which is expected.