Chinese Legion's World Championships in Athletics

     2019-09-26    views
This newspaper (reporter Yan Peng) will open the Qatar Doha Athletics World Championships on the 27th, with a high temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius, to the Chinese gold medalist who walked in the early stage to go to the team. In addition to the high temperature and heat, there are also international rivals. The goal of the Chinese Track and Field Corps to surpass the number of medals in the last London World Championships (2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze, 7 pieces) is not easy.
At the recent ceremony, Yu Hongchen, director of the Tianguan Center, introduced a delegation of 117 Chinese track and field teams to create the history of the World Championships. This lineup of strong track and field corps also took the task of preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.
As an outpost to test the preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the results of the players at the World Championships have more meaning.
The women's shot put project, Gong Lijun is still heading for the goal of defending.
For women's javelin, Lu Huihui and Liu Shiying, Su Lingdan and Yu Yuzhen participated. Lu Huihui once won silver and bronze medals in the 2015 and 2017 World Championships. Lu Huihui once said that this year's World Championships will be the gold medal.
Women's hammers are relatively competitive, and the Chinese team sent Wang Hao, Luo Na and Liu Tingting to play. Wang Hao, the silver medal winner of the last World Championships, scored 76 meters 26 in this season's best score, ranking fourth in the world this year. The American Andina has a strength of more than 78 meters. Wang Hao has the opportunity to attack medals.
In the last World Championships in London, another gold medal for Chinese women athletes came from the gold medalist of the Chinese Walking Team. "This time I went to the championship and wanted to defend." The last champion Yang Jiayu told reporters.
In this World Championships, although the men's players did not break through in the number of top athletes, they have improved their overall strength.
In the men's sprint, in the past two World Championships, Chinese flying man Su Bingtian broke into the men's 100-meter final and created the history of Asian track and field. Although this season, Su Bingtian is still limited by age and injury, it is still a force to be reckoned with in the Doha World Championships. However, Xie Zhenye has created a 19-minute, 88-meter Asian record of 19 seconds 88, which is expected to become the first in the same time. Chinese athletes in the 100m and 200m finals of the World Championships. Xie Wenjun, a 29-year-old 110-meter hurdle, has continued to break through this season. He has twice refreshed his personal best and advanced to the Diamond League Finals. At present, Xie Wenjun’s world ranking has reached the fourth place. Not only is it expected to reach the World Championship finals for the first time, he may even win medals.
In the men's long jump, the three Chinese players Wang Jianan, Huang Changzhou and Zhang Yaoguang's best season results were around 8 meters. Considering the contingency of the long jump competition, if there is a good on-the-spot play, several players have the opportunity to attack the medals and even the gold medals.
In recent years, China has set off a wave of national running, and the number of domestic marathons has increased several times. It has also given professional players more opportunities to score good results.
In this World Championships, Tibet's famous Dubujie won the championship in March 2nd, 10 minutes and 31 seconds in the Xuzhou International Marathon. He also won the World Championships in Doha and the Tokyo Olympics. Another Chinese player, Yang Shaohui, ran for 2 hours, 14 minutes and 03 seconds. For the World Championships, Dobroj and other marathon players went to Ethiopia for training for half a year, and Dobjer also set a new goal of “breaking through 2 hours and 08 minutes”.
In the women's marathon, Li Dan ran for 2 hours, 30 minutes and 20 seconds at the Wuhan Marathon last year. Tseringm ran for 2 hours, 36 minutes and 22 seconds at the Hengshui Lake International Marathon. Ma Yugui ran for 2 hours, 31 minutes and 06 seconds at this year's Xuzhou International Marathon.