Han Zaofang’s investigation of the Minister of Justice, Cao

     2019-09-27    views
September 27th Comprehensive report, local time on September 27, South Korean President Wen Zaiyi said that the procuratorate's procuratorial power and investigation practices must be comprehensively reformed.
According to reports, Wen Zai pointed out that the Korean prosecutorial organization is an institution that exercises public powers for its citizens. It is essential to maintain the rigour of procuratorial power and respect human rights. He said that the prosecution shoulders the historical mission of reform, should bear in mind that it is the main body of reform, and indirectly criticize the prosecution's investigation of Cao Guo, the Minister of Justice.
Wen Zai believes that the judicial reform in South Korea must not only reform the legal system, such as the establishment of a criminal investigation office for senior public officials and the adjustment of the right to investigate, but also comprehensive reform of the methods and investigation practices of the prosecution.
According to previous reports, Cao Guo (54 years old) was a professor of law at Seoul National University and the chief secretary of the former civil affairs bureau of the presidential palace, and has always been regarded as one of the confidants of the text. In early August 2019, Wen Zaiyu announced the nomination of Cao Guo as the Minister of Legal Affairs. However, after this, Cao Guo and his family were exposed to many scandals involving corruption, causing an uproar.
The South Korean president, Wen Zai, despite strong opposition from public opinion, insisted on appointing Cao Guo as the Minister of Justice and made a lot of noise in the Korean society. According to the results of the latest polls, the appointment of Cao Guo as the Minister of Justice has caused Wen’s policy support rate to drop to 40%, and his prestige has fallen to a new low.