Nanyuan Airport ends the civil aviation operation. The citiz

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At 22:08 yesterday, the last aircraft of China United Airlines was parked at the apron on the 6th. After that, the staff took a group photo to bid farewell to Nanyuan Airport. Photo/Reporter He Jianjun
Last night, with the final aircraft of China United Airlines at Nanyuan Airport taking off, the first airport in China's history, the 109-year-old Nanyuan Airport, officially ended its civil aviation operations.
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The public specially took a photo to take a photo
Yesterday, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily saw at Nanyuan Airport that the countdown card that marked the end of the operation officially jumped into “0” days. Many citizens specially took the car to the airport to take photos.
In addition to the "nostalgic" citizens, there are also travelers who come to Beijing to choose to land at Nanyuan Airport yesterday. Mr. Jiang, who is engaged in the financial industry in Shanghai, heard about the news that Nanyuan Airport ended its civil aviation operation on the 25th. He booked a flight from Shanghai to Nanyuan Airport. “It’s the first time I used to go to the Capital Airport. It is also the last time to come to Nanyuan Airport, which is quite memorable."
Mr. Li also specially came to bid farewell to Nanyuan Airport. In 2013, he first came to Beijing from Datong, Shanxi, and landed at Nanyuan Airport. “The airport is small but very friendly.”
At the roadside of the parking lot of Nanyuan Airport, Mr. Zhang has been operating the commissary for five years. Yesterday, there were not many goods on the shelves of the canteen. Regarding the news that the airport is going to be closed, Uncle Zhang is very indifferent. At the age of 65, he said that he just took the opportunity to go out of business and was not prepared to consider looking for another place to continue business.
The reporter of Beiqing Daily also learned that the 501 bus is the only bus route connecting Nanyuan Airport and the urban area. The 501th flight attendant said that although the 501 road has the Nanyuan Airport station, the line is not designed for the airport. "So the Nanyuan Airport ends its civil aviation operation, which has little effect on the 501 road."
Prevent mistakes in Nanyuan Airport "3 Steps"
In order to prevent passengers from accidentally leaving Nanyuan Airport after the transfer to Beijing Daxing International Airport, China United Airlines and Beijing Daxing International Airport provided passengers on China United Airlines with a “3 Steps” to solve the misplaced terminal.
In the first step, China United Airlines will inform the public on the official website, APP, WeChat and other public media, and remind the passengers who purchased the ticket before September 30 to take the flight to Daxing International Airport.
In the second step, a left-behind counter was set up at the departure gate of the Nanyuan Airport terminal to remind passengers to receive the “mistaken airport passenger certificate” and “fast transit passenger green channel small sign”, and placed a giant roll-up for passenger error. Walk to the airport to inform. Moreover, the cost of returning and changing the ticket generated by the passengers at the airport is borne by China United Airlines, and the ground service personnel assist the passengers in the change work. The refund is handled by the passenger on the ticket purchase platform.
In the third step, the passengers who missed the airport by the United Airlines arranged a free shuttle bus to transport the passengers to the adjacent transportation hub according to the passenger's change of flight time.
It is reported that there are two options for the change: If you buy a ticket to Guangzhou on September 30, you will miss the Nanyuan Airport on the same day. After enquiry, on September 30, China United Airlines will also fly to Guangzhou at Daxing Airport, which will help to change the nearest flight to Guangzhou on September 30. If there is no flight to Guangzhou, The same flight will be rescheduled to any date before October 26 (inclusive), and the date will be chosen by yourself.
Nanyuan Airport once occupied many firsts
It is understood that Nanyuan Airport, built in 1910, is 109 years old and is not only the first military airport in China, but also the first civil aviation airport in China. Nanyuan Airport was originally established in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, there were no established airports. Only two small planes from France were on the Nanyuan School for air show performances.
In 1910, this open space became China's first airport. The Qing government used the Nanyuan Yijun playground to build a simple runway for aircraft to take off and land, and opened an aircraft manufacturing plant in Nanyuan. Nanyuan Airport was officially established.
In 1920, the first civil route was born here – the Beijing-Shanghai route. With the successful trial of the Beijing-Tianjin section, the summer temporary routes from Beijing to Jinan, Beijing to Beidaihe, and the Great Wall tour flight have also been opened.
Due to the constraints of the time, these expensive routes were mostly sloppy and unable to maintain. However, it was during this period that airport construction, terminal allocation, personnel training, and oil replenishment began a multi-faceted construction process.
In August 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army formed the first air force squadron at Nanyuan Airport. On October 1, that year, at the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China, the plane was taken from Nanyuan Airport and flew to Tiananmen, 13 kilometers away from the north, and completed the first reading of the New China Air Force in formation. Later, during the National Day military parade, Nanyuan Airport also undertook the training tasks of the Air Force.
In 1986, China United Airlines was formally established and then placed under the administration of the Air Force. Nanyuan Airport also became the base airport of China United Airlines.
From 2002 to 2004, China United Airlines suspended its navigation and re-commissioned in 2005 to achieve the "military transfer to the people", and Nanyuan Airport has also become a "military and civilian" airport.
On September 25, 2019, the 100-year-old Nanyuan Airport officially closed civil aviation. All the routes operated by China United Airlines will be translated to Beijing Daxing International Airport.